ZO Medical Skincare Gift with Purchase Just in Time for the Holidays!

While supplies last, Finesse Medical Aesthetics is offering a free gift with purchase of the ZO “Getting Skin Ready” medical skincare system. Getting Skin Ready includes a medical grade cleanser, exfoliator and toner. With a purchase of one of each of these items you will be eligible for a complimentary Instant Pore Refiner AND a Daily Power Defense.

Here are the three categories for purchase in the “Getting Skin Ready” Zo Skin Health line.

Getting Skin Ready Cleansers: We have something for every skin type including the Hydrating Cleanser, the Exfoliating Cleanser and the Gentle Cleanser.

Getting Skin Ready Exfoliators: Choose one of our two great products Exfoliating Polish or our Dual-Action Scrub to apply after you cleanse.

Getting Skin Ready Toners: Lastly, tone the skin to bring it back to the pH level we want and so much more by using one of the following toners; Complexion Renewal Pads, Oil Control Pads, or our Calming Toner.

FUN FACT: Two of our favorite products the Exfoliating Polish and the Complexion Renewal pads are part of this system!

With purchase of one product from each of the above categories you receive:

  1. An Instant Pore Refiner; great for tightening pores, smoothing fine lines, and reducing surface oils to instantly give a more matte finish.
  2. A Daily Power Defense; perfect for diminishing lines and wrinkles while addressing future damage. This product was designed to support the skin’s natural DNA repair process and is a powerful antioxidant serum.

Come get your free gift with purchase TODAY while supplies last!

Enjoy the holidays everyone and remember, good skin health takes work!